Hi, my name is Soham Dongargaonkar. I am a passionate software developer, and I love problem solving. I also love working out, and playing badminton, ping pong, and CS:GO.

Wondering about the meaning of life and meditating about who/what I really am is a big and important part of me. I believe doing that a lot can completely rid you of stress, anger, frustrations, etc. and focus on what truly matters: being alive. My theory is that doing this with enough intensity can make everything seem meaningless to a point where you can become completely invincible to any negative (or for that matter, even postive) emotion ever. Feel free to talk to me on my email - if feel you're on the same track as I am.

As for my professional journey, I have been into computers/software ever since I can remember. Understanding computers comes naturally to me, and I can spend hours and hours (and hours) solving a bug. I feel its my immense love for technology that enables me to do that so easily.

A couple of years ago, I worked at Avalon Labs as a Full Stack Developer. During my time at Avalon Labs I created LinkHero using Ruby on Rails and JS/jQuery. Working here was truly an awesome time for me, as I was completely in charge of programming LinkHero - that meant solving pretty difficult challenges everyday, and getting those small wins of solving them. I worked with a lot of really smart and energetic people - it was an amazing internship.

Currently I am a student at Rochester Institute of Technology and working as a co-op for 2 semesters (January - August) at Motorola Solutions. It has been a pretty incredible journey so far, honestly. I am working with people way smarter and more experienced than me so there are tons of things to learn. I really feel software development is the best job in the world - you get paid a ton of money to solve a ton of puzzles. I don't have to wake up in the morning and tell myself to work hard - it automatically happens, because I like it so much!

Here's where you can find me on the internet. I usually am pretty reserved about what I post about on social media, so you might not find a lot of me there.