Hi, my name is Soham Dongargaonkar. I am a passionate software developer, and I love problem solving. I also love working out, and playing badminton, ping pong, and CS:GO (also I am a HUGE fan of the Half-Life games).

Wondering about the meaning of life and meditating about who/what I really am is a big and important part of me. A lot of people think it's really weird when I tell them that; although perhaps it's more of my inability to convey exactly what "meaning of life" means. I believe the single most important, the most fundamental and personal question you can ask yourself is who or rather what, you really are. The resultant existential crisis is a very beautiful feeling; an ability to make everything seem meaningless at will has an unintended side effect of completely ridding you of stress, anger, frustrations, etc. Feel free to talk to me on my email - if what I said sounds interesting to you or you want to discuss more.

As for my professional journey, I have been into computers/software ever since I can remember. Understanding computers comes naturally to me, and I can spend hours and hours (and hours) solving a bug. I feel its my immense love for technology that enables me to do that so easily.

A couple of years ago, I worked at Avalon Labs as a Full Stack Developer. During my time at Avalon Labs I created LinkHero using Ruby on Rails and JS/jQuery. Working here was truly an awesome time for me, as I was completely in charge of programming LinkHero - that meant solving pretty difficult challenges everyday, and getting those small wins of solving them. I worked with a lot of really smart and energetic people - it was an amazing internship!

Currently I am a student at Rochester Institute of Technology and working as a co-op for 2 semesters (January - August) at Motorola Solutions. It has honestly been an incredible and a humbling experience so far. I am working with people way smarter and more experienced than me so there are tons of things to learn. I am working for MSI's Drone Team - the project is quite challenging and a lot of fun as:

Here's where you can find me on the internet. I usually am pretty reserved about what I post about on social media, so you might not find a lot of me there.